This is Trump isn’t Hitler, but he used a similar strategy to try to poison democracy.

January 28, 2021 By The Crusader
Before we begin, let’s just call this what it is … a Liberal rag pretending to be a journalistic outlet.

From Donald Trump’s Big Lies: How millions of Americans were radicalized.

NOTE: You’re free to click the link but the quotes below should give you an idea what’s going on in the piece. Let’s not give them any more traffic than they deserve.

Adolf Hitler used the “Big Lie” strategy to help kill democracy in his country. He had one Big Lie after another. Hitler used a Big Lie to explain away Germany’s defeat in World War I and it set the stage for his meteoric rise in power. He blamed the Jews for Germany’s loss, which was patently untrue. He promulgated that lie over and over. And it led to the biggest, and deadliest, lie in history — that Jews had to be exterminated.

Donald Trump used multiple Big Lies during his presidency. It was his propaganda technique. He took a page right out of Hitler’s playbook — and it almost destroyed American democracy. The sad truth is that many Trump surrogates who remain within our government continue to stoke the remaining embers of the Big Lies. The goal of Trump’s lies was to establish him as a dictator devoid of laws, rules or norms. He wanted absolute power. He wanted to amass greed with impunity. He wanted to be as corrupt and criminal as he wished.

The Salon piece goes on to analyze the “THREE BIG LIES” that supposedly defined Trump’s Presidency and present counterarguments to each of them. The “analysis,” if that’s what you want to call it, is a perfect presentation of “Logical Fallacies.”

You can read the piece if you like but be warned there is a distinct possibility of losing IQ points if you stick with the entire article. But here might be the best part of this work of fiction, if you decide not to click the link…

It is undeniable that Trump’s plan was to ride his Big Lies into a dictatorship. He is an authoritarian at heart. He is a fascist in his thinking and in his impulses.

Trump’s plan was to activate an anti-democratic movement in the country. The way he connected with millions of supporters was through his Big Lies. That was his hook to capture the attention and irrational passion of his supporters. He was the pied piper of Big Lies.

Trump’s propaganda agenda is still alive. His Big Lies must be repudiated before any healing and unity are even possible.

This is urgent and necessary. Our democratic experiment hangs in the balance.

The words “Lie” and “lies” were used 38 times … are you getting the picture yet?

The fact that people distrust the media with a passion should come as no surprise to anyone. Outlets like CNN and Salon do not report the news … they are merely in business to advance their brainless agendas.

I found another article from four years ago that asked an interesting question…

So, how exactly is still in business? More importantly, how has it been able to operate, despite losing money for over 20 years?

Simple – Salon relies on handouts; the vast majority (if not all) come from two individuals, John Warnock and Bill Hambrecht. Notably, Bill Hambrecht is the father of former Salon CEO Elizabeth Hambrecht.

Yes, the only reason that is in existence is because the former CEO’s father has funded it every step of the way. Two extremely successful businessmen are somehow OK with the website spending far more than it takes in, and are effectively paying the salaries of the staffers at the website.

Well, that pretty much explains it. We’ll just leave it right there.