This nearly unnoticed Biden Administration Executive Order is the very definition of “Pulling A Fast One” on us boys and girls!

January 30, 2021 By The Crusader
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Much like Joe Biden’s “handlers,” our Blind Street Vagrant takes time out of his busy day at work to check his cell phone.

From Issues & Insights: Biden’s Worst Executive Order Went Almost Entirely Unnoticed.

In the flurry of President Joe Biden’s executive orders was one that was almost entirely overlooked but could easily end up having the biggest impact.

The order also seems harmless enough, going by the seemingly innocent title “Modernizing Regulatory Review.” Except this order isn’t about modernizing regulations. It’s about unleashing the regulatory state with a ferocity never before seen in this country.

Biden’s order – which didn’t get released to the press until late in the evening of his first day – aims to effectively toss the cost-benefit analysis that for many decades has served as at least a modest brake on the ambitions of regulators. In the past, regulations where the cost of compliance far exceeded the benefits could be stymied by the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.

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Unfortunately, with this one executive order, Biden shows that he’s intent on giving regulators carte blanche to impose massive new rules on businesses and households, on virtually anything and everything they do, regardless of costs. There’s little else Biden has done so far that will have as wide-ranging an impact.

Throughout the presidential campaign, we warned that Biden was hiding his agenda from voters because it was far more extremist than he let on. Now that he’s safely in the White House, he is taking the wrappings off.

“We hate to say we told you so, but we told you so.”