Today’s TwitterSphere is Ted Cruz – ALL Ted Cruz. Liberals just can’t get enough of Ted Cruz.

February 18, 2021 By The Crusader

Dan Rather and Ron Perlman – separated at birth…

Oh, and by the way – the Liberal jerkfest about Ted Cruz going to Cancun has made Twitter nearly unwatchable. Detestable bunch of hypocrites … too many to list here. Literally non-stop!

The temperature plunge was not anticipated by the power plants. No one expected temperatures this cold. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas is not managed by Ted Cruz. Failures across the board were responsible for power outages. Natural gas production, solar and wind also went offline as frozen blades made wind turbines inoperable.

While renewables weren’t the root cause, they’re an intermittent power source, which means they can’t ramp up operations at will. Natural gas and coal, on the other hand, can. None of the media outlets explaining the reasons for the power grid failure have mentioned Ted Cruz as one of the factors. Anyway, this isn’t about a crisis in Texas … this is about setting Ted Cruz up for failure in the next Senatorial election.

But here’s one example of how nearly everyone seemed to be soooo upset…at least she didn’t use some of the expletives seen elsewhere.

Oh … and if George Conway would stop retweeting Corgi pics, that would be great. That’s sort of an obsession with this guy. It’s all day long – who gives a crap?

How many times are you going to copy and paste this? Well, everyone knows it’s not Joe who is tweeting this nonsense – he’s already in bed.

The irony of the Tater … “dishonesty,” really?

And not a single mention today about the New York Nursing Home scandal starring Andrew Cuomo … amazing!

That’s All Folks!