The “Certified No. 1” foul mouth on Twitter is Ron Perlman. We look at his timeline.

February 19, 2021 By The Crusader

Ron Perlman is a massive-jawed actor best known for his acting roles in Sons of Anarchy and Hellboy. The cigar-chomping actor takes his Hollywood persona way too seriously. Thinking he is the ultimate “bad-ass,” he all-to-often will jump on the latest Liberal talking point to trash anything remotely “Conservative.” Like his “Wack-A-Mole” hysterics when he blamed President Trump over the infamous “illegal alien kid in a cage.” It was a setup by a radical Chicano group in Texas who staged the propaganda photos, a “Bridge Too Far” for Perlman’s limited investigative abilities.

Ron Perlman, whose Twitter profile is a study in self-indulgent egotism, “Don’t get scammed. If you don’t see the blue check mark, it ain’t me!” – is a sad excuse for a human being. This one time stroll down his timeline, which is littered with expletives, is proof of his lonely little existence. If one were to be told that Perlman is a classically trained master thespian, there would be a complete lack of evidence on his Twitter account.

“Swearing can make you appear stupid, say scientists. Researchers found that people who frequently use swear words are judged as less intelligent and less trustworthy than those who hold their tongue. As well as lacking intelligence and trustworthiness, foul mouthed individuals are also judged as less likable and more aggressive.” ~ Daily Mail

It’s been said in psychology studies that the use of profanity really doesn’t indicate a lack of intelligence – the studies obviously lacked Ron Perlman as a study participant.

Still waiting for Mr. “Bad-Ass” to “take to the streets,” whatever that meant. ??????

To close out this putrid tweet storm, let’s go back to 2019 where Ron took this accidental swipe at his own industry … no word on whether he realized his obvious irony.

That’s All Folks!