No Matter What Gun Control Groups Say, Semi-Automatic Firearms are NOT ‘Assault Weapons’ –– The Truth About Guns

August 6, 2021 By The Crusader

A semi-automatic firearm, also called a self-loading or autoloading firearm (though fully automatic and selective fire firearms are also self-loading), is a repeating firearm whose action mechanism automatically loads a following round of cartridge into the chamber (self-loading) and prepares it for subsequent firing, but requires the shooter to manually actuate the trigger in order to discharge each shot. ~Wikipedia

Lawmakers just keep making up crap.

Specifically, legislation has incorrectly defined an “assault weapon” as a semi-automatic firearm that can accept a detachable magazine and has one or more of the following cosmetic features (it is these cosmetic features that distinguish the firearm from other “non-assault weapons.”):

• folding or telescoping stock
• pistol grip
• bayonet mount
• flash suppressor, or threads to attach one
• grenade launcher

None of these features figure into the criminal misuse of firearms, regardless of their appearance.

Where it came from…

The term “assault weapon,” coined in the 1980’s in an effort to ban semiautomatic rifles, has arguably become one of the most successful antigun public relations tools in modern history. The term “assault weapon” is now broadly used by antigun activists to describe any and all semiautomatic firearms as taboo and undesirable for private civilian ownership, despite being legally owned and used by millions of Americans.

Banning all semiautomatic firearms is now the goal of the antigun lobby who knows that the common criminal will not be affected by such bans and legislation.


photo: Molon Labe