Stephen Kruiser: The New York Times is just one big hyperventilating leftist Opinion section. The entire organization is a joke.

August 6, 2021 By The Crusader

A clown car is a prop in a circus clown routine, which involves an implausibly large number of clowns emerging from a very small car. ~Wikipedia

Stephen Kruiser writes about the Anti-Journalism Clown car…

The Times has zero credibility. The organization worked 24/7 for years to pimp the Russia collusion hoax. The “reporters” there spent the entire Trump era writing flimsy, poorly-sourced attacks on him. It was as if a slew of toddlers were writing a feelings journal in crayon.

There are still journalists in America, they’re just not working for any of the major newspapers in the country.

And there haven’t been any working for The New York Times for a very, very long while now.