Rep. Marsha Blackburn Files Internet Freedom Act

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from The Foundry: Conservative Policy News. by Tina Korbe:
Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) is keeping the promise she made last month. Today, she filed a bill to strike down the Federal Communications Commission’s recent move to enact net neutrality regulations. The Internet Freedom Act states Internet regulation is the sole prerogative of Congress, and is supported by more than 60 House members, including the majority of Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee.“I agree that the Internet faces a number of challenges,” Rep. Blackburn said in a statement. “Only Congress can address those challenges without compounding them. Until we do, the FCC and other federal bureaucracies should keep their hands off the ‘net.”Action on the bill is expected soon, Blackburn’s spokesman said — but the act is only an intermediate step in the longer process of repealing the actual regulations.
More at this link.

Now THAT’S pretty clever! Get control of the Internet by calling it a “Civil Right.” Brilliant!

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All they need to do is turn it something that the Federal Government “needs” to control and PRESTO … GOVERNMENT REGULATION
Undaunted promoters of Obama FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski’s “open Internet” plan to expand regulatory authority over the Internet have couched their online power grab in the rhetoric of civil rights. On Monday, FCC Commissioner Michael Copps proclaimed: “Universal access to broadband needs to be seen as a civil right … (though) not many people have talked about it that way.” Opposing the government Internet takeover blueprint, in other words, is tantamount to supporting segregation. Cunning propaganda, that.“Broadband is becoming a basic necessity,” civil rights activist Benjamin Hooks added. And earlier this month, fellow FCC panelist Mignon Clyburn, daughter of Congressional Black Caucus leader and Number Three House Democrat James Clyburn of South Carolina, declared that free (read: taxpayer-subsidized) access to the Internet is not only a civil right for every “nappy-headed child” in America, but is essential to their self-esteem. Every minority child, she said, “deserves to be not only connected, but to be proud of who he or she is.”

IT’S HAPPENING: The FCC’s Threat to Internet Freedom

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From The Wall Street Journal, OPINION JOURNAL: “‘Net neutrality’ sounds nice, but the Web is working fine now. The new rules will inhibit investment, deter innovation and create a billable-hours bonanza for lawyers.”
For years, proponents of so-called “net neutrality” have been calling for strong regulation of broadband “on-ramps” to the Internet, like those provided by your local cable or phone companies. Rules are needed, the argument goes, to ensure that the Internet remains open and free, and to discourage broadband providers from thwarting consumer demand. That sounds good if you say it fast.Nothing is broken and needs fixing, however. The Internet has been open and freedom-enhancing since it was spun off from a government research project in the early 1990s. Its nature as a diffuse and dynamic global network of networks defies top-down authority. Ample laws to protect consumers already exist.
More of Robert M. McDowell’s article here.

BREAKING: Black Farmer, USDA Employees Prepared to Testify About Fraud in USDA Settlement, Lawmakers Say

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This should be interesting (from CNS News):
A black farmer who was an original litigant in the racial discrimination case against the U.S. Department of Agriculture is prepared to testify before a congressional committee about the way some attorneys rounded up plaintiffs – including homeless people and others who never farmed.The potential witness told a Republican congressman the attorneys went through neighborhoods, looking for people to be among the nearly 16,000 plaintiffs who received $1 billion in compensation for alleged farm-loan discrimination.
[FBI] agent believes at least 50 percent of the black farmers’ claims were fraudulent.

Democrats Likely to Pass New Internet Regulations Next Week

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Yes they can. Sadly.
The statists will not be satisfied until they control every aspect of your life, from the food you eat, to the kind of car you drive, to the temperature of your home, to demanding that you purchase health insurance. Next week, FCC democrats are likely to pass new internet regulations. Reuters reported:
Contentious Internet traffic rules facing a vote next week are likely to be adopted without radically veering from a proposal unveiled earlier in the month, telecommunications policy analysts said on Wednesday.The Federal Communications Commission will vote on Dec. 21 on whether to adopt regulations that ban the blocking of lawful traffic but allow Internet service providers to ration Web traffic on their networks.
Gateway Pundit has the rest of the story.

Feds Seize Websites Suspected of Online Piracy

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Can we all just focus on the operative word, “SUSPECTED?”

The U.S. government is shutting down websites suspected of copyright infringement or selling counterfeit goods as Congress debates a bill that would give feds more authority to do so.Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), an agency within the Homeland Security Department, has seized more than 70 websites in recent days, according to the Wall Street Journal, and posted a notice saying that the domain name has been seized by ICE through court-ordered warrants. The notice also states penalties for willful copyright infringement and trafficking in counterfeit goods.Neither ICE nor Homeland Security responded to messages seeking comment.
I sure hope I’m not SUSPECTED of anything.

Compared to the latest TSA outrages, Arizona’s immigration law looks like chaperones at the senior prom

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Anyone complaining about those evil Arizona immigration officials lately?

Steven D. Laib @ Intellectual Conservative: “And everyone expected that unreasonable searches of individuals would come from the Conservatives.”
The fact that it is under a liberal administration that this is happening should come as no surprise. Conservatism has always been oriented on the dignity of the individual and his or her ability to control their own lives. It does not believe in government intrusion into the lives of private citizens for security or other reasons. That is the reason for the Fourth Amendment. The modern Left, which has no respect for the Constitution or for the rights of the citizen, is the source of these new, assaultive behaviors by government. It is from the same source as “health care” death panels, forced disclosure of health records, and non-prosecution of illegal activities because the perpetrators support those in power.Citizen activism to remove these abusive procedures must now be a priority. It may be a good idea for the incoming congress to defund homeland security until the scanners are removed and reasonable procedures are returned to the nation’s airports. And perhaps while we are at it, we can add the title of “voyeur” to the dubious credentials of Obama and Napolitano.
Show Me Your Papers!!!! aaa
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The Soros Media Empire – on Government Steroids?

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George Orwell: "1984"

In Orwell’s 1984, “…The individual is always subordinated to the state, and it is in part this philosophy which allows the Party to manipulate and control humanity.”From Big Journalism by Liberty Chick.
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Until George W. Bush took office, the cries that our media system in America has fallen hostage to corporations had never been so fervent. Soros especially became vocal in this regard, spreading that same message around the country and internationally that democracy in America was in great peril due to a crisis in journalism:In the end, what the left wants is to take the profit incentive away from the business of media and get it out of the hands of the private sector. They cannot fathom the thought of corporations continuing to own the media outlets in America, because then they cannot control the content. Instead, the left would prefer to put their trust solely in the hands of the government and so-called philanthropists. To some, the phrase “new public media” might sound like Utopia. But look at where media is already heading today. When George Soros is building his own media empire to force his political ideology onto the American people, I simply don’t see how that plan protects democracy in our country.I may not like what I see and hear on every channel or at every web address these days. But I am afforded multiple points of view from a plethora of sources that are driven by the market demand. I am responsible enough to go to multiple sources, seek out the facts, and form my own opinions. I’d prefer for my government and George Soros not to form those for me. The Soros Media Empire – on Government Steroids?.
The 1st part of this series is here: Soros’ Media Empire: When Elections Fail, Turn to Public Propaganda Journalism
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