Just maybe it’s time for another look at Newt … what do you think?

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Contract Renewal: from The American Spectator and AmSpecBlog by William Tucker
You’ve must admit, there’s something Churchillian about Newt Gingrich. He may not be the most beloved politician on the national scene, but Newt always has his eye on the ball. Nobody does the issues better.
So here’s the possible scenario. Three years from now we’re still in the same bind we’re in now only worse. Social Security revenues have turned negative (they just missed by $2 billion last year), the budget deficit is still in the trillions, the avalanche of Medicare is starting to rumble overhead. Joblessness is stuck around 10 percent, men are still spectacularly underemployed, and the only work available is tending people in hospitals and pushing the elderly around in wheelchairs — all on the government dollar.Do you think Newt’s talk about “drill here, drill now” is going to resonate with voters? Do you think people will decide it’s time either to revive American industry or resign ourselves to being an economic colony of China?But let’s not look that far ahead. How about concentrating on this year’s Congressional elections? Think it’s time for a new “Contract with America” that would solidify Republican ranks and give the public a sense of what the new majority would bring? Well, don’t worry, Newt has already done it. In the current issue of Newsmax, Gingrich not only lays out a ten-point proposal but outlines a strategy for fitting it into the election campaign.
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