Are we all surprised lightning did not strike San Francisco last Sunday during Pelosi visit?

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The Religious Left often equates the Kingdom of God with endless expansion of Big Government as the supposed guarantor of all human justice and happiness. So it was not surprising that Speaker Nancy Pelosi chose Palm Sunday to celebrate Obamacare’s ratification at San Francisco’s infamously radical Glide Memorial United Methodist Church, where she was received rapturously.No, she did not quite enter the church on a donkey to cries of “hosannah,” as did Jesus Christ, whose triumphal entry into Jerusalem, amid palm-waving Hebrews, is supposed to be the real focus of Palm Sunday. But she was joined at the church by Democratic Party allies, who are maybe the disciples of the Religious Left’s New Jerusalem. Celebrating Obamacare With Nancy Pelosi on Palm Sunday.Amid generous applause from the multi-ethnic congregation, Pelosi intoned: “We’ve been playing on their turf for more than six decades. It’s time for the insurance companies to be playing on the turf of consumers and the American people.” And she concluded: “Let us recognize that without the election and the presidency of the President this would not have happened.” It was not quite the typically somber toned sermon usual to most churches on Palm Sunday, anticipating Christ’s impending passion and crucifixion.But for the Religious Left, an impending government take-over of U.S. health care is a time for uninhibited celebration. Maybe Pelosi should have waited for Easter Sunday, when Obamacare’s circuitous and ultimately triumphant political journey could have been likened to Christ’s resurrection.
What a loser.

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  • hnb


    I can imagine why Pelosi was received so welcomingly at Glide Memorial. Most of the people there will benefit from the health care bill. (Glide Memorial is the church/mission brought to attention by Will Smith’s Pursuit of Happyness.) The “religious left” love their neighbors (I believe that is a commandment). Many churcess have long ago left their responsibility of taking care of the poor, widows, orphans, etc. which is why government stepped in.


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