NPR Touts ‘Reverse Neighborhood Watches’ That Alert Illegals That the Cops Are Around

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NPR’s All Things Considered devoted an entire one-sided story Tuesday night to the apparently heart-breaking news that illegal aliens are considering moving out of Arizona to more illegal-friendly states.

Reporter Ted Robbins spent his whole story talking to illegal aliens and their defenders about how they’re misunderstood, and even touted how community organizers are “flexing their political muscle” by putting together “barrio defense committees” like “reverse neighborhood watches” to alert illegals that law enforcement is in the area.

NPR Touts ‘Reverse Neighborhood Watches’ That Alert Illegals That the Cops Are Around. Again, Robbins offers no rebuttal to the idea that there’s something objectionable to lobbies “speaking for non-citizens,” and he doesn’t even ponder the idea that illegal aliens might already be voting. If they don’t respect the immigration laws, why should they respect the election laws?

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Is the “Rule of Law” merely a convenience these days? Law & Order is NOT just a television program, it’s a principle which preserves this thing we call FREEDOM. When you head down the path of choosing which laws are suitable to obey, you are asking for chaos and disorder … the pages of history are full of societies that no longer exist because laws have been ignored.

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