For whom the bell tolls .. it tolls for our dying Constitution

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Justice Clarence Thomas used the words "hopeless disarray" to describe the current state of the Establishment Clause.

By David P. McGinley @ American Thinker
Federal Judge Vaughn Walker, who unilaterally redefined the millennia old definition of marriage in his California marriage decision, will not have the last word on this issue. However, it is troubling who will. Many constitutional “experts” from both sides of the marriage argument agree that this issue will inevitably be “settled” by Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy. Thus, one judge (one man) may get to tell over 300 million people how they are allowed to order the very basis of their society. How did it come to this?Our Constitution is dying. It is being killed by judges who ignore the actual text of the Constitution but find previously unknown devices in its “penumbras and emanations.” When these judges do consider the text they usually redefine or replace it with other words that reconcile with the judge’s personal beliefs and feelings. As a result our national compact becomes more and more meaningless. When judges disregard or redefine the plain words of our Constitution or make up things with absolutely no textual support, they render the document meaningless..

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