OBAMA AND LIBERALISM … It’s over, done, finished. You are to be tossed out with the trash

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By Lee Cary @ American Thinker: The legacy media calls it voter anger. The span of that anger, Beltway pundits explain, ranges from the disappointment of those on the Left who feel betrayed by Democrat underachievement to the Right’s association with a trumped-up media charge of racism against the Tea Party movement. Tea Party people and the GOP minority in Congress have become the default scapegoats to explain the Democrats’ failures. But it was we the people who handed the surgical wing over to a cadre of grocery butchers. And now that patients are flat-lining, the Chief of Surgery says, “Yea, but just think how bad it’d be we hadn’t operated.”So while “anger” is the template word popular among the legacy media, it doesn’t fully capture the public mood. It misses the insult and offense we feel from a ruling class in Congress, led by the White House, who think it more effective to drive Americans like cattle than lead us as civil servants. We will follow, but we won’t be herded. We’ve been irrevocably offended by their smug condescension and insulted by their collective arrogance — mostly by Democrats, but not solely so — and the Jeremiah Wright chickens are close to home. We Are the Ones Who’ll Show You the Door.

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