PRESIDENTIAL SPANKING: “Obviously, Mr. President, you know not the role of the judiciary”

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Note the Blindfold, Mr. PresidentBy Jeff Schreiber | America’s Right blogMr. President, you are absolutely, unequivocally, 100 percent wrong on the role of the judiciary, and your blindness as to what should be the blindness of justice could very well haunt this nation for generations to come. The role of a Supreme Court Justice, Mr. President, is not to evaluate the matter at hand based upon the feeling in their “hearts.” Decisions and outcomes are to be based upon interpretation of the law and of the Constitution alone — not “empathy,” and surely not the ability to understand and identify with “people’s hopes and struggles,” as you said today. The role of a Supreme Court Justice, Mr. President, is not to make a decision based upon the interests of a single mother, a welfare addict or anyone else for that matter, just as the role of the judiciary is neither to favor the weak against the strong, nor the strong against the weak. When weighing a particular controversy, Mr. President, the role of a Supreme Court Justice is to instead look at the United States Constitution as written by this nation’s founders and interpret that document–preferably in as narrow a fashion as possible–as needed to adjudicate the controversy in question. At most, contemporaneous writings shedding light on the framers’ intentions and aspirations may be persuasive, but certainly not binding. Foreign law should never enter into the equation.

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