Obama’s America is racing toward a confrontation much like the one seen in Iran

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Washington’s Plot to Explode Your TaxesBy Peter Ferrara | The American SpectatorEveryone in Washington knows the record Federal deficits and debt are out of control and can’t continue. President Obama knows it. The ultraliberal Democrat Congressional leadership knows it. Rank and file Congressional Republicans and Democrats know it. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has been openly saying so.But not to worry, because the Congressional Democrat leadership and President Obama have a plan. First they are going to pass national health care, adding the biggest entitlement of all to the fiscal catastrophe we already have, giving new definition to the term fiscal insanity. Then, after that, they are going to come back to us and say, gee, we have no choice now but to raise your taxes, really, really, really raise your taxes, to record-shattering levels, to levels so high that it will change the fundamental nature of our economy and our nation.
I am getting less “happy” by the day … anyone want to do a “Meet Up” for strategic planning (if you get my drift). Oh gee, did I just get added to a terrorist watch list?READ MORE HERE.

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