Mark Levin exposes tip of the iceberg on Obama’s hellbound slide to Socialized Healthcare

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Trusting politicians with your healthcare … so, how’s it going in Great Britian?Mark Levin ShowGreat Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) was created on July 5, 1948. As with all government programs, bureaucrats underestimated initial cost projections. First-year operating costs of NHS were 52 million pounds higher than original estimates1 as Britons saturated the so-called free system.Many decades of shortages, misery and suffering followed until 1989, when some market-based health care competition was reintroduced to the British citizens2.Unfortunately for those requiring care, a mostly socialist health care system has problems. The articles and commentaries in this section identify some disasters caused by government intervention in the British health care system.I also recommend reading David G. Green and Laura Casper’s economic report, Delay, Denial and Dilution: The Impact of NHS Rationing on Heart Disease and Cancer to see the inevitable outcome of the necessary rationing of government health care.Straight from the newspapers
THIS AIN’T THE HALF-OF-IT — READ MORE HERE.These links don’t even include the dreadful headlines ALREADY addressing current government controlled healthcare in the United States … visit Mark’s site for more!

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    [...] Say what you want about our the imperfections of the current health care system in the U.S. — and yes, there are many — it’s inconceivable that it could have produced a widespread bureaucratic screw-up in the provision of primary care such as this. But with a statist health care regime in place, even one run by the allegedly best, brightest, and most noble (which, sadly, would be far from the case under ObamaCare, based on the presence of the likes of Ezekiel Emanuel) botches like the one described here are likely to become a standard feature, as is the case with NHS. [...]


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