Media’s boxers are in a wad because…SHOCKER, Palin “has a life!”

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‘If I Die, I Die’The American SpectatorSarah Palin certainly has her flaws, but it has been interesting the last few days to watch her swat away one criticism after another of her decision to resign the Alaska governorship. What’s most refreshing is that, unlike most others whose lives are a campaign or who place their value on whether they hold elected office, Palin does not appear to make every life decision a calculation to maximize personal political benefit. She admits her inability to hide “Mama Grizzly” when her children are ridiculed or attacked; she clearly places a higher importance on God and her family than on government office; she understands that the moment she accepted the vice presidential nomination changed everything about her profile and her ability to help Alaska; and she recognizes that the state she governs can continue just fine — maybe better — without her in office.
READ MORE HERE.Envy always produces a degree of hatred.

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