GET A CLUE DEMOCRATS: There is no “National” Health Care System

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There is no “National” Health Care SystemWayne J. Barbarek | Tenth Amendment CenterAlthough there may be problems, as in any industry, I cannot keep from wondering to what, or which, “system” everyone is referring.There is all this talk of the “Nation’s” health care system; however, I fail to find where health care is a “national” object. There is nothing whatsoever in the Constitution suggesting it is among the certain enumerated objects of the “Federal” government, with the whole works of the Convention at Philadelphia making it more than obvious that it cannot be.So, how can there be a “national” system for something that is unquestionably not among the certain enumerated objects that are delegated to the “Federal” government?What is plain, though, rather than there being any kind of “national” system, there are certainly individual separate systems belonging exclusively to the several States – individual systems that the States have a constitutionally guaranteed right to establish or not establish, and to regulate or not regulate, as they see fit. Or, as they decide is appropriate for their individual and separate circumstances and interests.What is also plain is that, no matter the alleged good intentions, good faith or urgency for a needed plan, and no matter the degree of passion or how great the numbers in its favor, until which time the necessary additional powers are constitutionally granted to the Federal Government, this remains their guaranteed right, individually and collectively within their separate societies made plain by the 9th and 10th amendments to the constitution of these united states.
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