The News Factor: updated headlines 11-06-09

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Islam Watch calls it … “Sudden Jihadi Syndrome” Muslim Army Psychiatrist Kills 13 Soldiers at Texas military baseRepublicans are offering common-sense reforms that would lower costs.
Where We Stand on Health CareThere’s nothing funnier than Joe Biden trying to sound smart
Resolving the Cognitive Dissonance of IslamTHOMAS SOWELL COMMENTARY: The “Costs” Of Medical Care: Part III
YANKEES: Team of the decadeODD ON SEVERAL LEVELS: Al Gore graces cover of Costco member magazine
Muslim blames attack on “resentment of US Government” and nothing to do with Islam…Update: Shooter Glorified Suicide Bombings Authorities had concerns about Fort Hood shooter (OBVIOUS QUESTION: why didn’t they act?)
Pelosi Breaks Pledge to Put Final Health Care Bill Online for 72 Hours Before VoteWho is Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan?
U.S. State Dept: Israel not a tolerant society Bachmann to protesters: ‘Scare’ Congress
Abbas to step down as Palestinian leader Leftist Church Leaders vs. Free Speech
The Obama Revolution Is OverDARWIN AWARD WINNERS: 4 MSU students face felonies for setting off explosive
Apple co-founder Steve Jobs named Fortune ‘CEO of the Decade’DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING: Nuclear Regulatory Commission cites Walmart for improperly disposing of nuclear material
Israeli Agent predicts massive bombing attacks simultaneously detonated across the U.S. hitting at least 5-8 major citiesAnn Coulter: Election 2009–Change I Can Believe In
Polygamist convicted of sexual assaultJohn Stossel: Bias in Journalism: Every reporter has a point of view. But some refuse to admit it.
The Pelosi Plan ExposedPONDERABLES: What does it mean to be an American?
KARL ROVE: Even a five-point shift would mean big Democratic losses in 2010.White House Painting: Obama Throws Artist Under the Bus
Pelosi’s Gift to Insurance Companies: Immunity from LawsuitsWhy Kids Are Embarrassed By Parents
Washroom Locks You In Unless You Wash Your HandsThe Left Is In Full Retreat
Democrats own the deficitSEPARATED AT BIRTH: Granny Clampett and Harry Reid
Nancy Pelosi on the Constitutionality of Health Bill: “Are you serious?”Michelle Malkin helps us spot the Ridiculous “RAAAACISM” charge of the day
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