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Judge Susan Bolton channels her “touchy-feely” side in blocking Arizona (hurts her wittle feelings)

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With a federal government which refuses to take action at the border until there is a deal on "comprehensive" immigration reform, meaning rewarding lawbreakers with a path to citizenship, this decision will insure a sense of anarchy. The law breakers have been emboldened today, for sure ~ William A. Jacobson @

Unconstitutional or Inconvenient: Judge Bolton’s thinking (and for that matter Palmatier’s) begs this question. If a person produces a passport, a driver’s license or some other government issued identification during a lawful stop, detention or arrest by an Arizona law enforcement official, why would said law enforcement official then develop a reasonable suspicion that person was in the country illegally? If, in fact, it was Arizona’s intention to check the immigration status of every single person they arrested, then I would argue that Arizona would be doing the very opposite of racial profiling. Yet somehow I don’t think critics of S.B. 1070 would be inclined towards such generosity.But putting aside the question of whether it is actually mandatory for Arizona law enforcement officials to contact the LESC following every single arrest, let us assume that Palmatier is correct in his assessment that the implementation of S.B. 1070 would result in a dramatic increase of IAQ requests to his agency. So what if does? The LESC will simply have to find a way to deal with it whether by lobbying for more resources or reallocating existing ones. I am not suggesting the implementation of the Arizona immigration law doesn’t present administrative, budgetary and other logistical challenges for the LESC. But it does not present a constitutional challenge. From The American Spectator and AmSpecBlog by Aaron Goldstein.

Is the Obama Administration above criticism?

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Take it from David Axelod: any time there are severe economic conditions there is always an element of disaffection that can mutate into something that’s unhealthy.By Aaron Goldstein | at the Intellectual ConservativeIt would appear so if one were to listen to David Axelrod, President Obama’s Senior Advisor. Appearing on CBS’ Face The Nation this past Sunday, Axelrod was at once threatened and befuddled by the tea parties that were held throughout the United States on April 15th.When asked about the tea parties, Axelrod told guest host Harry Smith two things that have raised eyebrows.First, he said, “I think any time you have severe economic conditions there is always an element of disaffection that can mutate into something that’s unhealthy.” To Smith’s credit he pressed Axelrod on the matter when he asked, “Is this unhealthy?”Axelrod replied, “Well, we’re — this is a country where we value our liberty — our liberties and our ability to express ourselves. And so far these are expressions.”
The SERIOUS work of retrieving our liberty is just now getting cranked up!
If the Obama Administration is ill equipped to handle the protests of half a million Americans then they had better get used to it because there is a very good chance our economic situation could take yet another turn for the worse. Then things will really be “unhealthy” for the Obama Administration because there will be a lot more people on the streets assembling to protest.In which case the next time we see a bewildered look on David Axelrod’s face will be when the American people put Barack Obama out of work.
Let me be the first to promise I’ll do MY part to make that happen.