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Evening Summary of MUST READ stories for Monday, July 26, 2010

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In 1960 middle-income Americans paid less than 30 percent of their earnings in local, state, and federal taxes; today that figure is up to 40 percent ~ Cato Institute.

PM summary of MUST READ stories across the web:
READY FOR THE BAD NEWS? Calculate How Your Taxes Will Change in 2011: On January 1, 2011, the largest tax hike in American history may arrive. Unless Congress takes action, Bush-era tax cuts that were enacted in 2001 and 2003 will expire at the end of 2010.In fact, these tax cuts have saved a middle-class family of four about $2,200 annually. Since the fate of the Bush-era tax cuts is still uncertain, countless Americans are wondering how the potential tax increases will affect them. Luckily, the Tax Foundation has released a Bush-era tax cuts calculator that allows individuals to find out how their tax liabilities will change in 2011 under three different scenarios. After filling in information such as salary and number of dependents, the user can see their 2011 income tax if all the Bush tax cuts expire, if all of the Bush tax cuts are extended or if Congress passes the tax laws in Obama’s budget which lets specific tax cuts expire. From FreedomWorks by J Borowski.
UK aviation enthusiast builds the largest (and most expensive) flying model airplane in the world: Four years ago, engineer Tony Nijhuis was visiting an aviation museum in Duxford, England, when he spotted his next project: the iconic World War II–era Boeing B-29 Superfortress. Nijhuis has been building electric models since he was a boy, but he had been thinking about doing something bigger. Much bigger. The result is a replica that— with a 20-foot wingspan, period decals, and loudspeakers that blare sounds of the real engine … he had a sound designer find a recording of a plane with the same engines as the B-50, and add the sound files to a memory chip. He installed four speakers on the underside of the wings, added amps, and hooked them all up to the speed controllers. The speakers blare the sounds loudest when the motors are working their hardest. Instead of an electric whir, it sounds like the real thing. By Gregory Mone @ Popular Science — You Built What?! A Backyard B-50 Bomber.
RUH ROH! Racism For Thee, But Not For Me: The Sherrod Family Bigots–UPDATED: Now that the mainstream media has firmly established that all white people are racist, and Andrew Breitbart, in particular is racist, I’m wondering why their poster-girl for subjugation has been whisked out of the limelight? …Maybe the reason she’s not around is because every time she opens her mouth, she reveals herself to be an unevolved bigot herself. And evidently, she’s not alone in her worldview.Dan Riehl prevents a damning video of Sherrod’s husband Charles:
Charles Sherrod: “We must stop the white man and his Uncle Toms from stealing our elections.”Gee, Joan, can you tell me what’s so heroic about telling a room full of young black minds not even out in the world, yet – that if they ever embrace political, or socio-economic ideas that don’t jibe with your hero’s, the one elevated in a room before them, that they will be denounced as race-traitors? That is what Uncle Tom means, after all. What REALLY is heroic in that?Racism for thee, but not for me.
from Liberty Pundits Blog by Melissa Clouthier.
You want some Salsa with that AK-47? : Mexico likes to blame its gun violence on the US, and gun-control advocates love to repeat the canard that 90% the weapons in Mexico come from the US. (It’s actually less than 20%; more of them come from Mexican Army deserters.) They’ll have a little more trouble with that argument after this weekend. Mexico discovered that the perpetrators of several massacres are now behind bars, and were behind bars before the massacres — before prison guards let them out and armed them for their murderous rampages. By Ed Morrissey @ Hot Air: Mexico prison guards let inmates out for massacres.
I feel better already … Things aren’t as bad in American Christianity as many say it is, according to one sociologist.:Christianity isn’t on the brink of extinction, divorce rates of Christians aren’t equal to that of non-Christians and churches are not losing young people – at least not to the extent that some fear.That isn’t to say there aren’t any problems in the church. But Bradley R. E. Wright wants all the facts to be laid out before any judgment calls are made.In his newly released book Christians Are Hate-Filled Hypocrites … and Other Lies You’ve Been Told, Wright reveals that many of the commonly cited statistics regarding the state of U.S. Christianity or the behaviors of Christians are incomplete and inaccurate. By Lillian Kwon @ The Christian Post: Sociologist Debunks Myths on U.S. Christianity.

The President Talks Too Much

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Don’t be afraid … just come out and say it!
Gene Healy is a vice president at the Cato Institute and the author of The Cult of the Presidency.

Gene Healy is a vice president at the Cato Institute and the author of The Cult of the Presidency.

In recent weeks, the president has been anywhere and everywhere, with a campaign-style blitz of media appearances and town hall meetings. But, hard as it is to imagine in this era of the omnipresent president, there was a time when presidents weren’t seen much and were heard even less. There might be a lesson there for Obama.Our founding fathers didn’t want a president who’d perpetually pound the bully pulpit. They viewed presidential speechifying as a sign of demagoguery, and thought Congress should take the lead on most matters of national policy. They expected the nation’s chief executive to pipe down, mind his constitutional business, and keep his hands to himself.Today’s president is a constitutional monstrosity: a national talk-show host with nuclear weapons. When the president dominates the airwaves, promising to cure all manner of economic and social ills, that leads the public to expect a presidential rescue plan for anything that ails the body politic.The predictable result is an executive branch that rides roughshod over congressional prerogatives
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