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NEIGHBORHOOD BULLIES ALL GROWN UP: Media Matters’ hooligans plan rock throwing campaign at Fox News

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Rock throwing hooligans

Rock throwing hooligans

Let's just drop the pretense that Media Matters is anything but a Soros-funded "third world" phony journalistic, rock-throwing slander shop and slime machine, whose sole mission is to crusade against Fox News.

Ben Smith reports @ POLITICO: “The liberal group Media Matters has quietly transformed itself in preparation for what its founder, David Brock, described in an interview as an all-out campaign of “guerrilla warfare and sabotage” aimed at the Fox News Channel.”
The group, launched as a more traditional media critic, has all but abandoned its monitoring of newspapers and other television networks and is narrowing its focus to Fox and a handful of conservative websites, which its leaders view as a political organizations and the “nerve center” of the conservative movement. The shift reflects the centrality of the cable channel to the contemporary conservative movement, as well as the loathing it inspires among liberals — not least among the donors who fund Media Matters’ staff of about 90, who are arrayed in neat rows in a giant war room above Massachusetts Avenue.“The strategy that we had had toward Fox was basically a strategy of containment,” said Brock, Media Matters’ chairman and founder and a former conservative journalist, adding that the group’s main aim had been to challenge the factual claims of the channel and to attempt to prevent them from reaching the mainstream media.The new strategy, he said, is a “war on Fox.”In an interview and a 2010 planning memo shared with POLITICO, Brock listed the fronts on which Media Matters – which he said is operating on a $10 million-plus annual budget — is working to chip away at Fox and its parent company, News Corp.
Read more MEDIA MATTERS MEANNESS at this link.Related articles: Citizen Soros: Manipulating the Media. Radical philanthropist GeorgeSoros gave $1 million to Media Matters for America, a well-funded slander shop that roots out “conservative misinformation.” It’sall part of his campaign to suppress conser-vative ideas that stand in the way of pushingAmerica even farther to the left.George Soros Donates $1 Million To Media Matters To Combat Fox News. SOROS: “I am supporting Media Matters in an effort to more widely publicize the challenge Fox News poses to civil and informed discourse in our democracy.”Media Matters Smear Merchant Eric Boehlert Amused By Violence Against FOX News Reporter. Soros-funded leftist Eric Boehlert thinks its funny that FOX News reporter Mike Tobin was assaulted this week by far left goons in Madison, Wisconsin. No wonder they love him at the smear-website Media Matters.A Case Study: How Media Matters Invents Bigotry Charges to Protect Soros. The people who work there spend all day watching Fox news, reading conservative columnists, and listen to talk radio and surfing the net trying to identify anyone who disagrees with a project that George (Spooky Dude) Soros is behind. The name of this nefarious organization is Media Matters and its mission is to lie —tell half-truths, let’s face it, they will do anything except deal with the facts in order to try and discredit anyone who disagrees.Media Matters dishonest editing in support of their “smear” argument exposed. We have always known that Media Matters is a partisan-hack “media watchdog” site, but we didn’t know they were this bad at it. Lorie Byrd at Wizbang demolishes the Media Matters “smear” charges against Fox News simply by comparing their edited versions of the clips to the original, and noting that what Media Matters left out is exactly what they claim Fox left out of its reporting. It’s part of their ongoing campaign to label as a smear the airing of a video in which someone claims to have committed a murder, and it’s getting more threadbare by the moment.Online Slime Machine Media Matters Co-Founded by Hillary Clinton. Media Matters was started in offices provided by the Center for American Progress, a Soros-funded operation. It has since received Soros money. Facts, not lies. It has also now come to light that not only did Hillary Clinton help start Media Matters with former conservative David Brock in charge, she bragged about it to a convention of the far left.The Group Behind Smear Campaigns Against Limbaugh and O’Reilly. Howard Kurtz on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Sunday referred to Media Matters as a “liberal advocacy group.” If folks in the press are indeed aware that this is a leftwing shill, every report Media Matters publishes should be thoroughly researched and fact-checked before it is disseminated.

Liberal Kodak Moments: photographic moments that define the BAD JUDGMENT of the Left

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Y'all just don't get it, do you?

Thanks for the memories!
By Jeffrey Lord @ American Spectator: This is not a presidential year — but the values issue, a seeming no-show at first — has now jumped to center stage with the Ground Zero Mosque. A Time magazine poll not only shows 61% of Americans — not just New Yorkers — opposing the Mosque, a full 70% have cited the construction as “insult to the victims of the attacks on the World Trade Center.” Which is to say, an issue not of religious freedom as its liberal proponents claim but — yes — bad judgment.…Don’t think for a moment that the new emblem of this year’s campaign — the Ground Zero Mosque and Obama’s support for it — will be used as anything other than an illustration of colossal bad judgment across the board. Bad judgment that will have a considerable negative impact on an election that was already sending Democrats reaching for the political smelling salts. Races for House, Senate and gubernatorial seats from New York to Nevada are going to be affected by this — as Harry Reid’s rush to separate from the Obama stance on the Mosque issue so vividly demonstrates. LINKNAME.
MEMO TO LIBS: See ya … wouldn’t want to be ya!

Build the dang fence … and use illegal aliens as laborers

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If for no other reason than to keep Americans IN the country when everything turns upside down.

Jay Tea understands the issues.
from Wizbang by Jay Tea: “Comprehensive immigration reform.” It’s the buzzword from the left, whenever the issue of dealing with illegal aliens comes up. We can’t secure our borders without comprehensive immigration reform. We can’t allow states to enforce illegal alien laws without comprehensive immigration reform. We can’t do anything on the issue unless we do everything.So, what does “comprehensive immigration reform” mean, anyway?As far as I can tell, it means we can’t do anything. Because I’ve never heard an explanation of what “comprehensive immigration reform” means, apart from an exercise in watching people find ways to say “amnesty” without saying “amnesty.” It’s like real-life “Password.”So, in the interest of “opening a dialogue” and “advancing the issue,” I figured I’d toss out an opening position for “comprehensive immigration reform.” No Comprende.
SERIOUSLY … go read his post.

Fox and Friends Exposure Helps NO MOSQUE 911 Pledge Go Nation-Wide … these guys are serious

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SOURCE: GROUND ZERO WORKS PLEDGE NOT TO WORK ON MOSQUE:We feel we have been betrayed by our civic leaders and elected officials as they allow the Cordoba Initiative Group build their Mega-Mosque on top of the ashes of the 3,ooo innocents who were slaughtered on 911.The attackers yelled “Allah Ahkbar” as they destroyed our symbols of economic power and liberty filled with Americans.Across the world and even in our own neighborhoods Muslims celebrated in the streets as the nation grieved like never before. The Imam Feisal Rauff leader of the Cordoba Initiative days after the attacks on 60 minutes called the United States an accessory to the crime and for all intents and purposes Osama Bin Laden was made in the U.S.A. This is the man responsible for the project to build this Mosque of tolerance and peace. He has refused to condem Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist organizations and will not reveal the massive funding he needs to complete the project these facts cast a dark shadow over the Imam’s true intentions.href=””>BLUE COLLAR CORNER.

Marketing a New Conservatism: framing the GOP’s message around common-sense, core American values

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The problem with RepublicansBy Howard Underwood | via the American ThinkerAlthough there’s always some tension in the big Republican tent over certain issues (was the DHS report an insult or not?), the fact remains that Republicans can articulate certain core principles, most of which revolve around a smaller, federal government, and greater individual freedom. Not only are these core Republican principles, they also represent common-sense, core American values.The problem for Republicans appears to be conveying those principles to the American people. Part of the problem seems to be that, because the members of the news and entertainment media are overwhelmingly Democratic, they use their outsized soap boxes to paint Republicans as mean-spirited, racist, and greedy. In a media saturated world, these messages are both overt and subliminal, and they taint the Republican brand.We also have to work to reignite public pride in our strengths, not our weaknesses. Democrats appeal to the worst that is in us — greed, victim-hood, dependency. Republicans appeal to the best that is in us — personal responsibility, hard work, accomplishment. This is both our curse (because it is very hard to convince people not to take the easy way out by blaming others and becoming dependent on others) and our greatest strength. The key, again, is pride. One can be happy blaming others for ones own failures and can be happy in the cradle to grave care of the welfare state. But one cannot be proud when one has never done anything to be proud of. One cannot be proud to be a ward of the state.In the end, Republicans will succeed by offering American a new vision for America. At core, Republicans believe in human beings. Republicans believe that the best way to ensure individual success is to hold individuals responsible for their actions. Republicans believe that the best way to ensure group success is to hold groups, from businesses to religions to nations, responsible for their actions. Republicans believe it is time for America to grow up. Americans are not victims. Americans are doers, achievers, people of unparalleled accomplishment. Americans are proud of what America has been, of what it is, and of what it can be. Republican values made America great. They can again. That is the vision we offer America.
Please refer this article to all your friends … it’s Marketing 101 for the message of our party.