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Compared to the latest TSA outrages, Arizona’s immigration law looks like chaperones at the senior prom

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Anyone complaining about those evil Arizona immigration officials lately?

Steven D. Laib @ Intellectual Conservative: “And everyone expected that unreasonable searches of individuals would come from the Conservatives.”
The fact that it is under a liberal administration that this is happening should come as no surprise. Conservatism has always been oriented on the dignity of the individual and his or her ability to control their own lives. It does not believe in government intrusion into the lives of private citizens for security or other reasons. That is the reason for the Fourth Amendment. The modern Left, which has no respect for the Constitution or for the rights of the citizen, is the source of these new, assaultive behaviors by government. It is from the same source as “health care” death panels, forced disclosure of health records, and non-prosecution of illegal activities because the perpetrators support those in power.Citizen activism to remove these abusive procedures must now be a priority. It may be a good idea for the incoming congress to defund homeland security until the scanners are removed and reasonable procedures are returned to the nation’s airports. And perhaps while we are at it, we can add the title of “voyeur” to the dubious credentials of Obama and Napolitano.
Show Me Your Papers!!!! aaa
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PUT A FORK IN THEM: Michigan Democrats Told Their Fake Tea Party Is Illegal

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Proper Tea Party manners involves knowing what kind of fork to use at the table.

To call them “Dummies” doesn’t seem harsh enough!
Via Gateway Pundit: The Michigan Supreme Court has made the final decision eliminating the fraudulent “Tea Party” Party from the 2010 elections.Four of Michigan’s Democrat appointed justices joined its small three Republican appointed contingent to declare the so-called “Tea Party” Party ineligible for the ballot.For months various Democrats and union members have been trying to create a new political party in Michigan misleadingly named the “Tea Party” Party. 23 candidates had been slated from this Democrat dirty trick effort in order to confuse voters into imagining that they are voting for candidates that actually support Tea Party movement ideals. The fake Tea Party is done..