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The trillion-dollar question: Where’s the legitimate and sustainable market for anything the Obama administration is doing to “stimulate economic growth”?

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Instead of encouraging economic growth, President Obama has literally thrown the switch into REVERSE.

There isn’t one… I WIN, I WIN!
By Robert Gelinas @ American Thinker: How is it even possible that a government can, of itself, “grow an economy,” when every dollar it uses to do anything was either: 1) confiscated from the economy in the first place, and then gets returned at pennies on the dollar after deducting its bloated overhead expense; 2) borrowed, and thereby saddling the economy with the debt plus interest, thus reducing available market capital; or 3) printed out of thin air, thus inflating the currency and reducing the value of existing dollars?And therein lies the disastrous disconnect of Keynesian futility: the federal government may think it has the power to stimulate economic activity, but in reality is completely impotent when it comes to stimulating actual and not phantom market demand for anything other than what it itself consumes.This is why, as Thomas Paine said, “The government is best that governs least.” If We Build It, They Will Come… Won’t They?.
The only successful economic engine that will sustain our country is called the FREE MARKET. Government should be grooming it, protecting it, encouraging it, guiding it … instead, they have demonized it, stifled it, choked it and generally discouraged just about every aspect of it.
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