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Gun rights group argues for right to bring guns to worship in Georgia

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When guns are outlawed, only outlaws … well, you know the rest.
Should you be allowed to carry a gun to church? What about the person sitting next to you?The question before a three-judge panel for the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta Thursday is whether Georgia’s prohibition on firearms in places of worship conflicts with the promise of religious freedom in the First Amendment to the U.S., which brought the initial lawsuit, believes religious institutions, not Georgia law, should dictate if firearms are allowed inside, and they point to accounts of shootings in churches as examples of why guns are needed even while worshiping.But lawyers for the state say the ban makes it possible for “worshipers to focus on spiritual activities” instead of “protective vigilance.”’s argument about the First Amendment is a novel approach to challenging a gun law. Only Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas and North Dakota specifically prohibit firearms in churches, synagogues and mosques, according to court filings.“It’s about whether or not the government should be making laws dealing with churches,” said Kelley Kinnett, a regular church goer and president of, a gun rights group. “This is more of a First Amendment case than a Second Amendment case.”
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Still waiting for some good reasons to vote for Nathan Deal as Georgia’s Governor?

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Roy Daniels pulled a few out of his desk drawer today and put them up at Peach Pundit … “I think Deal is a better candidate than Barnes. I think Monds won’t garner more than 7% of the vote. I see Deal as a one-term Governor. He saw problems in his home state with the possibility of the Governorship falling back into Barnes’ hands – and stepped in to prevent that. Deal could have remained Congressman Deal until the cows came home; but rather he has chosen to become Governor Deal and quietly retire one day.” CHECK OUT MORE HERE: In Deal’s Defense.
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That’s what I like about The Augusta Chronicle … CONVICTION: “Make no mistake — your vote can turn this country around”

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The Augusta Chronicle

Their editorial gets right to the point: “The reason is that, without this election, America might become unrecognizable in the near future.”
Radical liberals who now control the Democratic machinery have made no bones about their desire to have a single-payer — i.e., government — health-care system.Can Tuesday, Nov. 2, possibly come soon enough? We have some 48 hours now to change this country’s direction. Our future hangs in the balance.
The also have endorsed Nathan Deal for Georgia Governor.
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Nathan Deal gets the nod from Savannah Morning News in Georgia Gov Race

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Mr. Barnes, 62, already had his turn at governor. Voters wanted him out after four years. Now it's Mr. Deal's turn.

It doesn’t exactly “glow,” but he’ll take it.
THIS YEAR’S mud-spattered race for Georgia governor between Nathan Deal and Roy Barnes is one of the most unsatisfying in many years.[but] In our opinion, the candidate who offers the most potential to improve the lives of citizens in this state is Nathan Deal.Mr. Deal, 68, the former congressman from Gainesville, is easily the most fiscally conservative candidate. His record in Washington of supporting reduced taxes and less government should be replicated in Atlanta. Combined with a like-minded, Republican-controlled legislature, this should result in policies that create a positive climate for businesses to create jobs and put Georgians to work. Time for Deal.
Perhaps the closing line sums up this race the best: “…Georgians can’t be preoccupied by what-ifs. Instead, they must focus on the what-should-bes.”
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DAILY KOS: worthless, foul, offensive, vile, pernicious, base, indecent, vicious, villainous … and that’s paying compliments

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Since honest dialogue is beyond Liberals like Markos and his minions, they must use manipulation and dishonesty.

Liberal dumpster divers … that’s about all you can say of them.
from Big Journalism by Jeff Dunetz: There is more than one way to manipulate the public, and the progressive movement has turned it into an art form. Less than one week after their AstroTurf rally in Washington DC, where unions and socialist organizations foot the bill to bus people to the nation’s capital city, the Daily Kos has developed a new AstroTurf program with the objective to use Google to trash Republican Candidates.Kos is urging their members to sign up for a program to conduct research and then link damaging articles with the purpose of manipulating them to the top of the Google rankings where they will be the first thing read when an undecided voter is researching their candidates.
One of the most common political activities people take online is to use search engines, mainly Google, to find information on candidates….These results of these searches are always in flux based upon hyperlinks anyone posts anywhere on the Internet, including message board comments and social networking sites (but not email).
Here’s how the scam works, once the Kos reader signs up for the program, they access a spread sheet (conveniently saved on Google docs) which lists the 98 most competitive House campaigns, along with the name of the Republican candidate in those campaigns. The list is based on the usual sites that all election junkies follow (Swing State, FiveThirtyEight, Cook, Rothenberg, and Sabato).
…as a group, we need to find and choose the damaging articles on Republican candidates that we want undecided voters to read. It is only after finding the articles that we can push them up search engine rankings. As such, finding those articles is the main purpose of this diary. (We are targeting House campaigns since Senate campaigns are so much more difficult to influence, due to their extensive media coverage.
Here’s hoping these worthless pieces of human debris are exposed for what they are.This is the same thing another jerk sandwich by the name of Seth Persily is trying to do here in Georgia against Nathan Deal
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Breaking news and headlines from here and there.

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