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OBAMA: “I’m sure the American people did not vote for more gridlock.”

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"GRIDLOCK" is necessary when the road ahead has a 40 car pileup caused by the wrecklessness of Obama's ignorance and ineptitude.

Andrew Cline has some different thoughts on that.
Not two weeks after American voters handed historic victories in Congress and state capitals to Republicans who pledged to the last man to block the Obama agenda, President Obama said this of the newly empowered opposition party: “They are flush with victory after a campaign of just saying ‘No.’ But I’m sure the American people did not vote for more gridlock.”Alas, Things of Which Obama Is Sure and Things That Are True seldom overlap. If the American people’s collective hopes on November 2 could be distilled into a single word, it would be “gridlock.”A CNN/Opinion Research poll the week after the election asked, “Do you think the Republican victories in the House races are more of a mandate for Republican policies or more a rejection of Democratic policies?” Seventy percent picked “rejection of Democratic policies.” Exit polling showed that 60 percent of voters said the country was going in the wrong direction and almost three quarters disapproved of the job Congress was doing.…The public has no idea what a service it’s done by electing Republicans to thwart this president. Protest as we might, he would never have slowed the cruise toward his Euro-Utopian fantasyland. Our only hope was to mutiny and drop anchor. We have done that, for now, provided the GOP doesn’t falter.
What Obama Fails to Understand — from The American Spectator by Andrew Cline.
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O.K. Mr. Obama ... this is where you catch your train back to Chicago.

And it can’t come soon enough!
Sirius Valentine at American Thinker: However, unlike during the first two years of his presidency,Obama no longer has a Congress that will blithely pass his policies. Instead, he has a strongly Republican House elected with the mandate of repealing ObamaCare and placing an immediate stop on the spending that has characterized his administration. And while the Senate did not fall to the GOP, it is evenly enough divided as to make passing any new law a struggle. Furthermore, among many of the Democrats up for election this year, there was a singular movement away from the president, attempting to place distance between themselves and his vastly unpopular policies. It would not come as a surprise to see this movement spread into those up for reelection in 2012. In particular, in the Senate there are ten Democrats up for reelection in 2012 who either come from right-leaning states or saw their states move that way this month. If this trend of conservative popularity continues, it is highly likely that these ten senators may end up voting with the Republicans more often than not, giving the GOP an operational, if not a true, majority. For Obama, There Is No Other Truth.
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Poll: More Voters Believe Democrat Party Is Dominated by Extremists

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Now that they've proven they can't do what is necessary for the good of this country, it's time for them to go.

Via Publius @ BIG GOVERNMENT:The polling firm Penn, Schoen and Berland conducted the survey, contacting 4,047 likely voters by phone between Oct. 2 and Oct. 7. The margin of error for this sample is 1.5 percent.More than one in every five Democrats (22 percent) in The Hill’s survey said their party was more dominated than the GOP by extreme views. The equivalent figure among Republicans is 11 percent.Results for independent voters reflected the larger sample. Forty-three percent of likely independent voters said the Democratic Party is more dominated by its extreme elements, compared to 37 percent who thought the GOP had fallen under the sway of extreme views. They said it suggests problems for a Democratic Party seen as too liberal.
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Breaking news and headlines from here and there.

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AP: Mean people suck … especially Republicans

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If you haven't got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me. ~ Alice Roosevelt Longworth (1884 - 1980)

I guess it ain’t “NEWS” unless somehow the Republicans are at fault. The AP has a writing template that has “blame Republicans” imbedded, just to save time: On Friday, the Associated Press published a shockingly partisan article about the ethics investigation against House Democrat Charlie Rangel.Instead of giving a neutral account of the proceedings, the AP sourly reported that the GOP is getting its “wish” after Republicans “wanted” an election year embarrassment to use against Democrats.The article, written by Larry Margasak with assistance from three other AP reporters, began with the word Republican and ended with endearing sentiments from a Rangel supporter. The actual charges against Rangel? Stuffed inside paragraph 19 and then quickly glossed over. From – Exposing Liberal Media Bias by Candance Moore: The AP’s Take on Rangel Ethics Probe: Republicans Are Mean!

RANDY EVANS: GOP Control of Senate Possible

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J. Randolph Evans Column No. 1006
Evans is a partner at McKenna Long & Aldridge and has been recognized as one of the "Best Lawyers In America" and one of Georgia’s "most influential people."

Evans is a partner at McKenna Long & Aldridge and has been recognized as one of the "Best Lawyers In America" and one of Georgia's "most influential people."

The unimaginable has suddenly become very possible. Some political experts now actually predict that Republicans may regain control of the United States Senate in the 2010 election. Just fourteen months ago, such an outcome seemed impossible. After all, heading into the 2010 election cycle, Democrats held a commanding sixty (60) to forty (40) vote margin. Since the Vice President (Democrat Joe Biden) breaks any tie votes (i.e. 50/50), Republicans would have to capture eleven seats in order to gain majority “control” of the U.S. Senate.Of course, there is the question of exactly what does “control” mean in the United States Senate. Most agree on one thing – “control” really does not mean total control of the United States Senate. Instead, there are only varying degrees of procedural advantage. In operation, no political party ever controls the Senate.As Senate Democrats have learned the hard way, not even the mystical sixty vote threshold yields the ability to actually force legislation through the process, with votes being little more than administrative technicalities necessary for valid legislation. (Senator Zell Miller wrote an entire chapter in his book “A National Party No More” that describes in some detail the absurdities of the process.) Instead, every Senator has the ability to slow the process, and a group of Senators can slow, if not outright stall, even the most rudimentary tasks and legislation.

A rather tantalizing Republican Platform For The 21st Century

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A Republican Platform For The 21st CenturyBy John T. Simpson | via BIG HOLLYWOODI have been a proud conservative Republican my entire life. My father and Jimmy Carter saw to that. My first vote ever was for Ronald Reagan in 1980, and I have never voted for a Democrat. Ever. Even today, the reasons for my being so have not changed, despite the media’s and liberal Democrats’ tireless efforts to discredit my belief system. Though the times may change, core principles never do. I have also served this nation proudly in uniform for six years, and don’t regret a minute of it.Today, the Party of Lincoln and Reagan appears to be in political disarray, which is why I am writing this OpEd now. Yet many promising developments, along with some huge mistakes by Congress and the Obama Administration, have opened many new doors for us. If only we will enter.I know not all conservatives and Republicans will agree with my recommendations. But perhaps by throwing this all out there, you will realize as I do that a major debate on the direction of the party, in this exciting and danger-fraught age of the New Millennium, is not only necessary but vital if we are to survive as a viable political entity in America. So, On With The Show.
If you’re into serious consideration of conservative political ideology, then this is highly recommended reading. If not, then there’s probably something good to watch on T.V.

Marketing a New Conservatism: framing the GOP’s message around common-sense, core American values

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The problem with RepublicansBy Howard Underwood | via the American ThinkerAlthough there’s always some tension in the big Republican tent over certain issues (was the DHS report an insult or not?), the fact remains that Republicans can articulate certain core principles, most of which revolve around a smaller, federal government, and greater individual freedom. Not only are these core Republican principles, they also represent common-sense, core American values.The problem for Republicans appears to be conveying those principles to the American people. Part of the problem seems to be that, because the members of the news and entertainment media are overwhelmingly Democratic, they use their outsized soap boxes to paint Republicans as mean-spirited, racist, and greedy. In a media saturated world, these messages are both overt and subliminal, and they taint the Republican brand.We also have to work to reignite public pride in our strengths, not our weaknesses. Democrats appeal to the worst that is in us — greed, victim-hood, dependency. Republicans appeal to the best that is in us — personal responsibility, hard work, accomplishment. This is both our curse (because it is very hard to convince people not to take the easy way out by blaming others and becoming dependent on others) and our greatest strength. The key, again, is pride. One can be happy blaming others for ones own failures and can be happy in the cradle to grave care of the welfare state. But one cannot be proud when one has never done anything to be proud of. One cannot be proud to be a ward of the state.In the end, Republicans will succeed by offering American a new vision for America. At core, Republicans believe in human beings. Republicans believe that the best way to ensure individual success is to hold individuals responsible for their actions. Republicans believe that the best way to ensure group success is to hold groups, from businesses to religions to nations, responsible for their actions. Republicans believe it is time for America to grow up. Americans are not victims. Americans are doers, achievers, people of unparalleled accomplishment. Americans are proud of what America has been, of what it is, and of what it can be. Republican values made America great. They can again. That is the vision we offer America.
Please refer this article to all your friends … it’s Marketing 101 for the message of our party.

MAD MAGAZINE: Meghan McCain ‘Should Be Future Leader’ of GOP

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Just kidding … it was Bonnie Erbe in US News & World Report. Seriously?
Bonnie Erbe: Meghan McCain ‘Should Be the Future Leader’ of the GOPWell, that’s one vote for Meghan McCain for Republican Party chairman. Too bad it’s from a radical feminist columnist and blogger who insists that abortion is a “good decision” in the midst of a recession.That’s right, US News & World Report contributing editor Bonnie Erbe hacked out a short blog yesterday — appropriately on 4/20, as if to answer the question, “What exactly is she smoking?” — in which she praises the Daily Beast columnist and daughter of the Arizona Sen. John McCain as the future of the GOP:
Although Meghan McCain can sometimes come off a bit, shall we say, different, she gave a speech at the Log Cabin Republicans meeting this weekend that shows she has a brain and represents the views of lots and lots of young people and young members of the GOP.
Hmmm … that Art History degree is really paying off!