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Pathetic regurgitation of worn out liberal catcalls … give it a rest and take some of the blame because there’s plenty to go around

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e yFrom The Moderate Voice
The Grand Zero PartyThat the Republican Party would so overwhelmingly oppose the stimulus package has never been a surprise. This is the moment when America officially drives the nail in the coffin of Reaganism. A political movement that came into power in 1980 and pledged to lower taxes, lift regulations, and shrink the domestic spending agenda of the Federal government has now effectively run its course. Just as New Deal liberalism had become ossified, corrupt and stagnant by the 1970s – paving the way for the Reaganite conservative revival – so today we have witnessed decades of deregulation and regressive tax “reform” push our economy to the brink of depression. No, Michael Reagan, the Republic is not being “murdered.” But your dad’s day in the sun has, indeed, passed.
Analysis? Source of deregulation? Numbers? Your article is big on liberal opinion but short on “meat.”  Have you checked in with the Congressional Budget Office lately? And your disdain for the Heritage Organization isn’t very commendable. They’ve got lots of smart folks there… like this guy:
Anyone who tries to explain the Wall Street crisis in a single sound-bite is foolish … or worse. But House Democratic Leaders have found a culprit they can agree on: deregulation.