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Scientology is not just another wacky group with silly beliefs ... they are an unindicted criminal organization which has shrouded itself with millions of dollars worth of lawyers to protect against any scrutiny of the law.

Like they said in Star Trek … “Resistance is futile!”
By Tony Ortega, Village Voice: An amazing story is hitting the Internet today of 19-year-old Daniel Montalvo, a lifelong Scientologist who decided to leave the wacky cabal, only to find himself arrested by LA sheriff’s deputies and facing prison time for it.The tale comes courtesy of Marty Rathbun, formerly one of the highest officials in Scientology who defected and has kept up a withering takedown of the “church” on his blog. Daniel Montalvo, 19, Leaves Scientology, Which Convinces LA Sheriff to Jail Him For It.
MORE HERE from Marty Rathbun. Additional commentary from Nate Jones at Time’s NewsFeed blog.We’ll try to keep up on this one from the Scilon Mother Ship.
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Investigators go inside a Scientology Org in London … video cameras record the cult secrets

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One Hundred Atheists In South Carolina: Front-Page News in the N.Y. Times

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By Tim Graham | via NewsbustersAs millions of Christians attend church every Sunday without attracting much attention in the New York Times, it’s a little surprising to see it defined as front-page news when an “overflow audience of more than 100″ showed up at an atheist event in South Carolina. “More Atheists Are Shouting It From the Rooftops” read the headline on Monday’s front page from religion reporter Laurie Goodstein. Whenever the godless gather in a Southern state, it’s apparently time to wake the neighbors.
If there were no such thing as religion, would they have any reason to be so rattled? The more vocal members of this anti-religion are merely in it so they can be AGAINST something, rather than FOR something else. It’s an age-old problem … easily understood when observing what children do when they discover there is not enough attention being focused on them.

“New Republicans” afraid of morality: because it’s an unfamiliar suit?

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Lost in political space: Moral ambiguities from McCain manager By Cal Thomas | via Washington TimesSen. John McCain’s daughter and his presidential campaign manager think they’ve figured out why Mr. McCain lost the 2008 election and what Republicans must do to win in the future. They need to be more like Democrats.
Meaning that we assume the position of moral ambiguity.
Steve Schmidt and Meghan McCain delivered their analyses in separate speeches to the Log Cabin Republicans, whose stated mission “is to work within the Republican Party to advocate equal rights for all Americans, including gays and lesbians.”Mr. Schmidt said he believes a political party should not take or argue a position on same-sex marriage based on religious grounds.
“If you put public policy to a religious test,” he said, “you risk becoming a religious party, and in a free country, a political party cannot remain viable in the long term if it is seen as sectarian.”
Meghan McCain claimed,
“Too many Republicans want to cling to past successes. There are those who think we can win the White House and Congress back by being ‘more’ conservative. Worse, there are those who think we can win by changing nothing at all about what our party has become.”
Catholic school must not have left much of an imprint.
In his remarks, Mr. Schmidt tried to engage in moral acrobatics, asserting that a pro-life position ought to translate into support for same-sex marriage:
“The argument of the pro-life community acquires its moral force because it holds that the life of the unborn is not distinct in its dignity from the life of the born, and, thus, possesses a God-given right to be protected.”
That argument could easily be turned around. If God gives rights to the unborn, doesn’t He also get credit for defining marriage as between a man and a woman?Dissing the past is a quality found mostly in arrogant youth who think they know more than anyone else and believe only they are enlightened enough to tell the rest of us how and what to think.Republicans can take old ideas that once brought them victory and repackage them for a new generation. Embracing what has worked – economically, politically and morally – has sustained America through many challenges.While a moral reformation cannot come through government, moral deterioration will advance with greater speed if political leadership does not remind the country of unchanging principles. What shall it profit a party if it gains electoral victory but loses its political soul?
Religious resistance by these “practical leftists” is merely an adult version of “you’re not the boss of me” that children have so much trouble with. A childhood lacking proper moral discipline (from a religious perspective) will transition into an adult who can only make moral judgments based on their own mind … not foundation truth. This makes for a life governed by the shifting sands of popular opinion and whoever has the best argument rather than traditional Judeo-Christian convictions and moral values.

America’s Faltering Faith

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Americans appear to be losing faith in God and in our cultural institutions.
As our shared belief in a transcendent God disappears, our shared moral values inevitably give way to a pervasive relativism. We no longer believe in common moral values, so social norms begin to disappear. Every man is a law unto himself. Radical individualism reigns.We should, therefore, not be surprised when our cultural abandonment of shared values manifests itself in the caveat-emptor business practices which have produced our current financial crisis or the forked-tongued politicking of politicians who will spin any lie or reverse any position in order to pass the buck and keep their jobs. Without shared moral values, every person makes their own morality …Only by regaining our shared faith in a transcendent Law Giver will Americans be able to recover our faith in our society.
Amen brother!