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ABC wimps out on Breitbart invite to cover election

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From the Blaze: “When news came out that conservative media guru Andrew Breitbart was going to participate in ABC’s election night coverage, the left flipped. Apparently, their grumblings were more than just a resounding gong or clanging cymbal.” Andrew Breitbart Dropped From ABC’s Election Night Coverage.RELATED: Media Matters on Breitbart Cancellation: Let This ‘Serve as a Warning to Other Outlets’
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Waaaaaaaa … ABC’s newsroom upset with decision to tap Andrew Breitbart for election night coverage

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Media personality Andrew Breitbart gives a speech

Many MSM types just don't like Andrew Breitbart. Some secretly know he's right most of the time.

Greg Sargent at WaPo notes: “It looks like lefty bloggers aren’t the only ones irked by ABC News’s decision to tap Andrew Breitbart for election-night analysis: People in ABC’s newsroom were also caught completely off guard by the news, a newsroom source tells me.”What really hurts their feelings is the fact that they can’t hold up under Andrew’s scrutiny … they say he “traffics in distortions.” I think David Ford at ABC made a pretty savvy decision to invite Breitbart … it’ll make for very interesting conversation. Dingbats at ABC will be required to be on best behavior … Breitbart will write his own script.RELATED STORY: Erickson @ Leftwing Thumbsuckers and the Politics of Outrage Over Andrew Breitbart.
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