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7 Reasons Why Recruiters Like Facebook More Than LinkedIn

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Despite the challenges social media presents for human resources professionals, it plays a growing role in talent recruitment. The big question, though, is where to find talent.While employers continue to use professional networking site LinkedIn for recruiting, especially when hand-picking for executive positions, they prefer interacting with students and graduates via Facebook rather than LinkedIn, according to a study by online recruiting research lab Potentialpark.
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DAILY KOS: worthless, foul, offensive, vile, pernicious, base, indecent, vicious, villainous … and that’s paying compliments

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Since honest dialogue is beyond Liberals like Markos and his minions, they must use manipulation and dishonesty.

Liberal dumpster divers … that’s about all you can say of them.
from Big Journalism by Jeff Dunetz: There is more than one way to manipulate the public, and the progressive movement has turned it into an art form. Less than one week after their AstroTurf rally in Washington DC, where unions and socialist organizations foot the bill to bus people to the nation’s capital city, the Daily Kos has developed a new AstroTurf program with the objective to use Google to trash Republican Candidates.Kos is urging their members to sign up for a program to conduct research and then link damaging articles with the purpose of manipulating them to the top of the Google rankings where they will be the first thing read when an undecided voter is researching their candidates.
One of the most common political activities people take online is to use search engines, mainly Google, to find information on candidates….These results of these searches are always in flux based upon hyperlinks anyone posts anywhere on the Internet, including message board comments and social networking sites (but not email).
Here’s how the scam works, once the Kos reader signs up for the program, they access a spread sheet (conveniently saved on Google docs) which lists the 98 most competitive House campaigns, along with the name of the Republican candidate in those campaigns. The list is based on the usual sites that all election junkies follow (Swing State, FiveThirtyEight, Cook, Rothenberg, and Sabato).
…as a group, we need to find and choose the damaging articles on Republican candidates that we want undecided voters to read. It is only after finding the articles that we can push them up search engine rankings. As such, finding those articles is the main purpose of this diary. (We are targeting House campaigns since Senate campaigns are so much more difficult to influence, due to their extensive media coverage.
Here’s hoping these worthless pieces of human debris are exposed for what they are.This is the same thing another jerk sandwich by the name of Seth Persily is trying to do here in Georgia against Nathan Deal
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Facebook Backs Down After Censoring Conservative Ad

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Must have had some training seminars over at Google

Of course the reasons Facebook gives for their reversal only go to further the idea that this is indeed a case of liberal flag spamming combined with poor moderation and oversight. Facebook failed to properly moderate their ad complaints and then committed an egregious act of censorship. Hopefully Americans for Prosperity‘s willingness to stand up against this attack on conservative speech and CNS News’ diligent reporting of it will make Facebook reconsider the way they moderate their ads. While we should applaud Facebook for quickly reversing this terrible decision, it is none the less completely unacceptable that they censored this in the first place.

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