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An encouraging message from the new party of “Hell, NO!”

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This is the picture of workable economics in the mind of Barack Obama.

Like, Larry Kudlow is my new BFF!
Kudlow writing @ BIG GOVERNMENT: In short, this is a revolution.The political elites in both parties don’t get it. Nor do the mainstream media. But the tea-party movement is stopping Obamanomics dead in its tracks. And it will overturn the Keynesian big-government planning effort now in full force in our nation’s capital. The tea parties are Reaganism reincarnate, and then some.It’s all there in the Contract from America: Limited government, individual liberty, economic freedom. Defund Obamacare. No tax-and-nationalize energy scheme. Stop the tax hikes and move to a flat-tax system. No special favors and subsidies. No crony capitalism.Oh, and let me underscore the tea-party revolt against runaway government spending and debt-creation. No TARP. No stimulus. No Obamacare. No Bailout Nation for GM, Fannie, Freddie, and AIG. Instead of federal spending running up to 25, 26, or 27 percent of GDP, look for our new tea-party representatives to move it back to 20 percent of the economy, or even less. THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN ABOUT.
YOU GOTTA LOVE THE CLOSING LINE … “The new tea-party breed in Washington will unleash entrepreneurship and capitalism by holding back the government tide. In other words, folks, tea-party economics are very bullish.”

Breaking news and headlines from here and there.

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$700,000 in stimulus money went to Northwestern Univ researcher to write software that tells jokes.

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Software to create comedy ... seriously?

Not a joke … seriously!
from I Hate the Media – Fun with Liberal Media Bias by editor: You’re going to wish this was a joke, but it’s not. $700,000 in stimulus money went to a Northwestern University researcher to write software that tells jokes.ABC 7 Chicago has the unfunny facts:
Professor Kristian Hammond says it’s serious work. But some critics say using stimulus money for this type of research is no laughing matter.Critics say the project is simply a waste of taxpayer money. But the man behind this next-generation software say those detractors, which include Senator John McCain, have never bothered to call and ask him what his work is all about.
I’m sure the White House has an interest.
Hey Biden, did you hear the one about …

YOU REALLY ARE A DOPE … Obama on ‘Powerful Interests’: ‘They Talk About Me Like a Dog’

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Gee Bubba, no wonder they are calling you the incredible shrinking president! If people talked like you were a dog, it would highly complimentary … people actually LIKE dogs you see. YOU ARE SUCH A ZERO … can’t even get your simple metaphors right! Wow … the great one who was going to unite the country.