FIRE SALE! 650,000 Government Cars and Trucks HAVE TO GO!

February 2, 2021 By The Crusader

Speaking of dingbat ideas, Joe Biden has announced a Buy America plan to replace the entire federal fleet of 650,000 cars and trucks with electric vehicles by the end of his term.

From Issues & Insights…”Joe’s Never, Never Land Auto Plan.”

Slight problem. As Axios reports, “right now, not a single model fits the president’s three criteria: battery-powered, made in America, by union workers.” Tesla is not unionized. The Chevy Volt has many parts made in Korea. The Nissan Leaf is made in Tennessee, but the plant is non-unionized, with one one-third of its parts made in the USA. Ford and Stellantis just recently committed to build more EVs at union factories in … Canada and Mexico.

When will this get done? Probably never. As Axios concludes: “Biden’s plan to replace government fleet with electric vehicles will take forever.”

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