Rick Wilson –– follow the money.

October 2, 2021 By The Crusader


Rick Wilson (1.2 million Twitter followers) –– is a co-founder of America’s largest grifter organization, The Lincoln Project. This “Never-Trump” organization touts itself as the Mother Ship which is literally saving democracy (that’s some angelic level moral high ground for sure). This is a group of former Republicans who are obsessed with opposing Donald Trump and anything or anyone remotely related to him. Lately, their targets are just about anyone who even “leans” Conservative.

In his 30 year career of political consulting, Wilson has made a name for himself as an attack ad specialist –– primarily working for Republican clients as a campaign specialist.

Rick Wilson 2.0 has transformed into a grifter specialist who would even make Bernie Madoff blush –– since its founding, The Lincoln Project has raised nearly $100 million, primarily from Democrat billionaires and liberal super PACs. Wilson’s financial difficulties seem to have coincided with the bankrolling of the Project, as have those of others involved in the scheme.

The Lincoln Project’s most recent financial disclosure reveals that Hunter Wellman, son of executive director Fred Wellman, is on the organization’s payroll and earning roughly $60,000 per year.

As the Free Beacon reports, Fred Wellman filed for bankruptcy five months before joining the Lincoln Project as executive director in January 2021. He also applied for and received a $91,500.00 Coronavirus-related PPP loan in April, 2020 for his PR firm, ScoutComms, before closing the firms doors 3 months later.

Records show Wellman has a paid a salary of at least $165,000 annually and received $50,000 for “administrative services” within months of accepting the job. During that same period, Hunter Wellman was paid $13,000 for “fundraising consulting.”

Amazingly, even AOC blasted The Lincoln Project as being in “Scam Territory.” Who woulda thunk?

When one of the co-founders, John Weaver, was rightfully accused of sexual harassment involving young boys, he remained at the organization for at least seven months after the first report –– “conveniently” ignored by the other founders despite being allegedly alerted.

To say that Rick Wilson is a “Low-Life” is giving him entirely too much credit –– whatever moral compass he may have possessed in life has been traded in long ago for character assassination equipment that is being used for his own personal financial benefit and a few other like-minded cronies.

Last year, Sister Toldjah, wrote about Wilson’s rather interesting week. It’s worth a look.