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In the spirit of L. Ron Hubbard’s written fantasies, I decided to use the moniker, Imhotep, as the host of PseudoScientology as a nom de plume or a literary double merely to add a creative edge to my efforts to research the church of Scientology. My earlier effort back in 2008 was a rather Spartan attempt at blogging and didn’t […]

It was a dark night in ancient Egypt, and a storm was brewing across the desert. High Priest Imhotep had just finished performing a ritual in the sacred temple of Ra, and he was feeling uneasy. He had heard rumors of sinister forces descending upon his beloved land, and he wanted to be prepared for […]

Ummm … no, this is not the Hubbard you are looking for. You gotta read the rest to earn that reward … also so I can be forgiven for crafting that totally clickbait headline. I am your host here at, Imhotep. And just for full disclosure, Imhotep wasn’t actually a Pharoah like I make him out […]