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SCIENTOLOGY: A HISTORY OF MAN By L. RON HUBBARD Forward This is a cold-blooded and factual account of your last sixty trillion years. This is useful knowledge. With it the bond again see, the lame walk, the ill recover, the insane become sane and the sane become saner. By its use the thousand abilities Man […]

Unveiling the Influences: Examining L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics and Its Plagiarized Philosophies Wikipedia: The emergence of Dianetics. In January 1949, Hubbard informed his literary agent, Forrest J. Ackerman, that he was writing a book on the “cause and cure of nervous tension”, which he was going to call either The Dark Sword or Excalibur or […]

L. Ron Hubbard … religion’s Rube Goldberg. We checked in with ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI, and asked for some input based on the suggestion that Scientology could be considered a religious equivalent of a Rube Goldberg machine. Enjoy the conversation… ChatGPT L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology can be likened to a religious […]

Ha ha … just kidding. At first, you thought that read Douglas MacArthur, who served as a career Army officer for the majority of his life. MacArthur, one of the few individuals to achieve a five-star rank, notably served in World War I, World War II, and the Korean War. To read the various biographies on Scientology […]

Ranker is a digital media company based in Los Angeles. The site offers research on entertainment, brands, sports, food, and culture. Ranker claims they have one of the largest opinion databases, with over a billion votes cast from millions of subjective voters. Ranker has hundreds of thousands of opinion lists. These lists are the source of many […]

The first writings in Scientology regarding past lives date from around 1951 and slightly earlier. In 1960, Hubbard published a book on past lives entitled “Have You Lived Before This Life.” In 1968 he wrote “Mission into Time,” a report on a five-week sailing expedition to Sardinia, Sicily, and Carthage to see if specific evidence could be found to […]

0 It will never be known all of the secret adventures L. Ron Hubbard may have imagined he lived in his famous “past lives” theories, but the technology of Artificial Intelligence can give us the clues we need to peer into the dark recesses of his science fiction imagination. This AI tale may seem a […]

L. Ron Hubbard’s Weird Music Career It’s well known that L. Ron Hubbard was a sci-fi novelist in addition to founding the Church of Scientology. But his myriad of talents didn’t stop just at the written word — one of his passions was music. He considered himself something of a composer and producer, and a […]

Okay, maybe Hubbard isn’t really in a zombie movie, but he is expected to return, and if he’s picking up one of those “past lives,” he’ll have to bring in some top-notch makeup artists to work through that whole decomposition issue. It could happen. Prove me wrong. The entré for today’s post is a short study in […]

A FASTER-THAN-LIGHT-SPEED ADVANCEMENT IN THE PLATINUM AGE OF TECH Here’s how the newest tech works… The newest modern bridge instrument has a digital display to allow for easy, automated use in all auditing environments. Like all modern instruments, bridges can be connected to a computer and other equipment to export readings and allow external inspection. […]