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It’s right there on “Slide #3” on the Scientology website, entitled, “A Classroom on Guam.” Such an adventure is also what ultimately led L. Ron Hubbard to the founding of Dianetics and Scientology and thus, a route to previously unimagined spiritual heights. Among other landmark events of the journey: In July of 1952, L. Ron Hubbard […]

The Scandal of Scientology By Paulette Cooper Read it for yourself Some of the people who signed up for Scientology to satiate their curiosity might have done better if they had read the newspapers. They would have read that Scientology is currently being investigated in England. They would have read that Scientology has been banned […]

Plagiarize — To put forth as original to oneself the ideas or words of another. Check out these two images … are they not strangely similar? Are you interested in other similarities that may be found about these religious symbols? Read on … The Rose Cross Lamen, is the key symbol of the Hermetic Order of […]