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Have you ever heard the phrase, “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is?” Of course … everyone has. If there was ever an organization that could qualify in the real world to use that as a slogan in a public relations campaign, it is certainly the church of Scientology. From L. […]

János Dobos and Klára Hídvégi, a special feature to appear on ScientologyTV. Woo hoo. SEASON 5, EPISODE 9 | Airing June 7, 2023 János Dobos & Klára Hídvégi János Dobos and Klára Hídvégi are fighting the corruption of the psychiatric industry in Hungary. With thousands of people forced into institutions and often subject to horrific […]

ChatGPT: Write a critical analysis of how Scientology has used the Internet to disparage former members who have grown disillusioned, finding troubling discrepancies with the church and how it takes fragments of truth and reshapes them into something altogether different. Introduction: Scientology, a controversial religious movement founded by L. Ron Hubbard in the mid-20th century, […]

ChatGPT … here is the text of the Official Scientology response. Can you critique? Based on the provided text, here is a critique of the official Scientology response: First Amendment Violation: The Church of Scientology claims that the prosecution’s introduction of religion into the trial violates the First Amendment. However, it is important to note […]

Ha ha … just kidding. At first, you thought that read Douglas MacArthur, who served as a career Army officer for the majority of his life. MacArthur, one of the few individuals to achieve a five-star rank, notably served in World War I, World War II, and the Korean War. To read the various biographies on Scientology […]