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When the Ex-Scientology member movement began in earnest… Cyril Ronald Vosper (1934-2004) was an anti-cult leader, former Scientologist and later a critic of Scientology, deprogrammer, and spokesperson on men’s health. He wrote The Mind Benders, which was the first book on Scientology to be written by an ex-member, and the first critical book on Scientology […]

When we think of technology, one of the latest topics of conversation is in the fast-evolving field of artificial intelligence. A company at the forefront of this space is OpenAI, a machine learning, and artificial intelligence research laboratory, co-founded by Elon Musk and others in 2015. In 2022, OpenAI launched ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), a […]

A FASTER-THAN-LIGHT-SPEED ADVANCEMENT IN THE PLATINUM AGE OF TECH Here’s how the newest tech works… The newest modern bridge instrument has a digital display to allow for easy, automated use in all auditing environments. Like all modern instruments, bridges can be connected to a computer and other equipment to export readings and allow external inspection. […]

From “The Scientology Money Project” YouTube channel. Long-time Scientology critic and California PI Jeffrey Augustine reveals the astonishing facts showing how and why L. Ron Hubbard pulled off his “Big Bamboozle” in 1951 to reboot the staggering failure that was Dianetics as it headed towards bankruptcy. Augustine shows how L. Ron Hubbard did not invent […]

STRESS ERASER Let’s face it … auditing can really take its toll on you. Especially at the higher OT levels. And if you’re facing a round of Sec Checks, wow … you’re gonna break out in a cold sweat! I mean, stress is a common phenomenon in modern life — that’s the reason you got […]