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ChatGPT: Write a critical analysis of how Scientology has used the Internet to disparage former members who have grown disillusioned, finding troubling discrepancies with the church and how it takes fragments of truth and reshapes them into something altogether different. Introduction: Scientology, a controversial religious movement founded by L. Ron Hubbard in the mid-20th century, […]

In the late 1980s Robert Vaughn Young “escaped” from Scientology with his then-wife Stacy Brooks. He was one of the highest-level executives to have ever defected from the church. Young made a major contribution to Hubbard’s Church, at least until he learned the truth about L. Ron Hubbard and his past. Robert revealed much of […]

When the Ex-Scientology member movement began in earnest… Cyril Ronald Vosper (1934-2004) was an anti-cult leader, former Scientologist and later a critic of Scientology, deprogrammer, and spokesperson on men’s health. He wrote The Mind Benders, which was the first book on Scientology to be written by an ex-member, and the first critical book on Scientology […]

As Paulette Cooper writes in her book, “The Scandal of Scientology,” When people first enter this exciting world of the totally free, they rarely realize just how expensive it is going to be … In addition to the price of the courses, there are many other expenses. A Scientologist must buy many of Hubbard’s books, […]