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János Dobos and Klára Hídvégi, a special feature to appear on ScientologyTV. Woo hoo. SEASON 5, EPISODE 9 | Airing June 7, 2023 János Dobos & Klára Hídvégi János Dobos and Klára Hídvégi are fighting the corruption of the psychiatric industry in Hungary. With thousands of people forced into institutions and often subject to horrific […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Celebrating the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Movement on its 50th AnniversaryNEW YORK, NEW YORK • APR 2, 2023 Times Square was aglow as Scientology Volunteer Ministers in their bright yellow jackets took center stage in the heart of Manhattan. They gathered to accept a congressional proclamation in honor of L. Ron Hubbard for […]