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The script to an unmade film by the late L. Ron Hubbard was discovered by a janitor at Golden Era Productions while emptying a previously unnoticed waste bin from one of the dozens of unused production offices. Before “Battlefield Earth,” this was the movie that was destined for the big screen. An unidentified source reports […]

Ummm … no, this is not the Hubbard you are looking for. You gotta read the rest to earn that reward … also so I can be forgiven for crafting that totally clickbait headline. I am your host here at, Imhotep. And just for full disclosure, Imhotep wasn’t actually a Pharoah like I make him out […]

Why the name “PseudoScientology?”

Posted: 20th May 2023 by Imhotep in Behind the Scenes

Why the name “PseudoScientology?” Simple … we believe, as does mainstream society, that Scientology is a “Pseudo” religion. Pseudoreligion (or pseudo theology) is a generally pejorative term applied to a non-mainstream belief system or philosophy which is functionally similar to religious practices, typically having a founder, principal text, liturgy, and faith-based beliefs. Belief systems such as […]