Let’s face it … auditing can really take its toll on you. Especially at the higher OT levels. And if you’re facing a round of Sec Checks, wow … you’re gonna break out in a cold sweat! I mean, stress is a common phenomenon in modern life — that’s the reason you got into Scientology in the first place! You already know that your mind plays a pivotal role in your physiological parameters, that is, the heart, blood pressure, and muscle tension. But until now, the only options available for relief were through those very expensive auditing sessions. Well, for all you budget-conscious Scientologists out there, we’ve got GREAT NEWS!

In this golden age of technology, there are many devices that L. Ron Hubbard did not have at his disposal in the early years of Scientology, and one of those devices now available is a state-of-the-art medical technology breakthrough to relieve your stress. Stress Eraser is a medical device that reverses Ergotropic Tuning, the harmful process that causes your nerves to respond faster and more strongly to stress, thus making you more vulnerable to the dramatic effects of those nasty engrams.

Simply put, you can just kiss all that stress goodbye with the Scientologist’s dream gadget … the StressEraser. At only $299, plus S&H, this product will literally change your life … perhaps to the point where you could even choose other religious options — or even start your own StressEraser seeker group. It’s all up to you! Order now, operators are standing by.

Also, there are many other different ways to overcome stress: for many stress balls can be handy and helpful. And for others, full-size punching bags have proven to be an effective stress-relieving device. These devices combined with Magnetic Therapy have also proven to be a dynamic combination, providing maximum relief from psychosomatic illnesses plus a variety of known medical maladies.

Don’t underestimate the effects of stress on your overall health. Do something about it while you can.