From our “Hangin’ With My Gnomies” series.

Deep in the forests of some of our most beloved and charming fairy tales, you’ll find fascinating mythical humanoid creatures who are short in stature, rotund in girth, and cheerful in nature. These are gnomes, dwellers of the earth, protectors of crops, flowers, treasure, and , of course, all manner of bogus religious philosophies.


• “Little Davey” dimensions: 3.5 inch wide x 5 inch deep x 12 inches tall.
• Durable design: “Little Davey” is made from a sturdy polyresin material that is lightweight and easy to maneuver.
• Classic statue collection: This fun figurine is from our “Hangin’ With My Gnomies” series. Other designs include Karin Pouw, Tom Cruise, and others.
• Decorative color scheme: The vibrant and detailed colors of these unique garden gnomes are sure to compliment your Org or office (Note: Colors may vary slightly from on-screen images).
• Warranty: SPTV backs its products with a 1-billion-year manufacturer’s warranty. Note: possible fading of vibrant colors could occur before the warranty expires.


Gnomes were once unseen, and yet still were described by philosophers as a powerful force upon humanity. Paracelsus—the Swiss alchemist of the 1500s who reintroduced opium to Europe, explained that gnomes were elemental earth beings. His philosophy suggested that every life was connected: gnomes gave their rooted earth energy to humanity, even though they did not like to interact with people.

The Garden Gnome is a figure of folklore and fantasy that has been around for centuries. It originated in the German fairy tale “Die Gartenzwerge” (“The Garden Dwarves”) in which a group of dwarves helped a farmer in his garden. The name “Gnome” derives from the Greek word “gnosis,” which means “knowledge,” and was believed to possess special powers that could help protect the garden. And we all know what “knowledge” and “Special Powers” mean to a Scientologist (wink wink).

In recent years, Garden Gnomes have seen a resurgence in popularity due to their being caricatured by the ex-Scientology group SPTV as a promotional item with the face of the diminutive leader David Miscavige. This has only brought more attention to these little figures of folklore and fantasy and has made them even more popular.

Popular new features include:

• “Little Davey” can be used to ward off any pesky pests, such as doubters of the faith.
• Makes a great conversation piece for those seeking to learn more about the fastest-growing religion on the planet.
• An attractive adornment to the entrance of Scientology organizations, as a reminder of their leader and his teachings.
• The perfect addition to thoughts of “setting the course for an ideal world.”
• Will make the perfect “Welcome Back” message for L. Ron Hubbard’s return and should be a constant presence in all of his offices around the world
• And “Little Davey” can be used as a thoughtful addition to Scientology reflection gardens, providing a moral and spiritual reminder to those who visit.

Bring a little piece of the Scientology experience to your Sea Org apartment, home, or office with the Garden Gnome of the diminutive leader David Miscavige! For just $1,995.95, you can have this unique item that is sure to add a little bit of magic and charm to your personal space. We also offer quantity discounts. This is a limited-time offer. But remember, time spent with the gnome is not a substitute for auditing, so don’t forget to get your regular auditing sessions in! This offer is not available in stores, so order yours today!