Celebrating the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Movement on its 50th AnniversaryNEW YORK, NEW YORK • APR 2, 2023

Times Square was aglow as Scientology Volunteer Ministers in their bright yellow jackets took center stage in the heart of Manhattan. They gathered to accept a congressional proclamation in honor of L. Ron Hubbard for the 50th anniversary of the Volunteer Ministers movement and its legacy of help.

New York holds a pivotal role in the history of the Volunteer Ministers, the religious social service Mr. Hubbard developed. It was here in 1973 that he conducted a sociological study and discovered the dramatic deterioration of values in the city. He predicted where the culture was headed: rampant immorality, violence as sport, and ultimately, politics by terrorism. He took action by devising a movement that could halt the decline by instilling values back into society at the grassroots level.

The only problem is … not a single recognized news outlet mentioned this story.

Except for that one third-rate press release service that Scientology buys into, EIN Newswires, the only sources for this “celebration” were official church outlets.

You can check out EIN’s press release history revealing 766 results for press releases submitted by Scientology…

And, of course, Kathy Feshback gave it a plug on her blog

But the problem is … apparently nobody told the Volunteer Ministers “Command Central” that the event even took place. Or they just don’t have anyone on staff to take the phone calls…

(Link for the Volunteer Ministers page)

I covered this nonsense in another post just recently, “Scientology Volunteer Ministers … humanitarian aid, or just a bunch of Press Releases?

I’ll bet if David Miscavige read my blog, he’d be [expletive deleted]-ing a brick right now. When folks fail to comply with orders, are unproductive in their work, make mistakes, or violate policies … it’s off to the Rehabilitation Project Force.

Time to fill out a “Knowledge Report?”