It’s right there on “Slide #3” on the Scientology website, entitled, “A Classroom on Guam.

The post features a photoshopped young Hubbard on his “Adventure” standing knee deep, supposedly, in a swamp.

Such an adventure is also what ultimately led L. Ron Hubbard to the founding of Dianetics and Scientology and thus, a route to previously unimagined spiritual heights. Among other landmark events of the journey: In July of 1952, L. Ron Hubbard became the first to scientifically isolate, measure and describe the human spirit, while objectively demonstrating spiritual potentials well in advance of scientific thought. Moreover, those potentials were found to be possessed by every human being and just as universally attainable. Thus developed his description of Scientology as accomplishing the goal of every great religion: Freeing the soul by wisdom.

All told, L. Ron Hubbard’s works on Dianetics and Scientology comprise the largest cohesive statement on the human mind and spirit—more than 5,000 writings and 3,000 recorded lectures. Contained therein are answers to life’s most profound mysteries: the enigma of existence, the riddle of death, the realization of states not even described in earlier literature. Also from these works come Scientology technologies to rear children, repair families, educate, organize and provide relief in times of illness or suffering.

“REPAIR FAMILIES!” Seriously Scilons? Except when one of their members “blows.” I believe they call that “Disconnection.”

The standard “deflection” line from the Scientology organizations is, “Scientologists do not “disconnect” from family members, or from anyone else for that matter, because of a difference of beliefs.” Clever, but that is a moot point as any number of “Suppressive Persons” can testify to … as described hereherehere, and here.

But back to this “Science” thing.

The foundation and core of Scientology are the writings of L. Ron Hubbard … they are the “Scriptures,” the governing documents, the unalterable “Standard Operating Procedures” of their so-called religion. The claim that they are “science” is fundamentally flawed … that being the nuanced version of “outright bullcrap.”

There is no “science” in Scientology. We could do a seriously deep dive into the accepted “Scientific Method,” but just a few examples will suffice. The subject can be researched extensively with the same unwavering conclusion…

The Scientific Method #1:

The scientific method is the process of objectively establishing facts through testing and experimentation. The basic process involves making an observation, forming a hypothesis, making a prediction, conducting an experiment and finally analyzing the results. The principals of the scientific method can be applied in many areas, including scientific research, business and technology.

The Scientific Method #2:

Science has unquestionably been the most successful human endeavor in the history of civilization, because it is the only method that successfully discovers and formulates reliable knowledge. The evidence for this statement is so overwhelming that many individuals overlook exactly how modern civilization came to be (our modern civilization is based, from top to bottom, on the discoveries of science and their application, known as technology, to human purposes.). Philosophies that claim to possess absolute or ultimate truth invariably find that they have to justify their beliefs by faith in dogma, authority, revelation, or philosophical speculation, since it is impossible to use finite human logic or natural evidence to demonstrate the existence of the absolute or ultimate in either the natural or supernatural worlds. Scientific and critical thinking require that one reject blind faith, authority, revelation, and subjective human feelings as a basis for reliable belief and knowledge. These human cognitive methods have their place in human life, but not as the foundation for reliable knowledge.

The Scientific Method #3:

Scientific knowledge is gained primarily through the experimental method: a hypothesis is formulated and then experiments designed to test the hypothesis. Experiments use standardized procedures of data collection, so that other scientists can repeat the exact same experiment in the same way and verify the data and test the findings for themselves.

In contrast religion tends to concern itself with the spiritual world, many aspects of which cannot necessarily be observed and measured in a scientific extent.

Any knowledge claims made by religions which are not verifiable by empirical observations cannot be regarded as ‘scientific’. Science is an ‘open belief system’ – the data collected by scientists are open to testing by others. Research findings can thus be criticized.

Scientific knowledge is cumulative…. it evolves through a process of scientists learning about, criticizing, and improving upon the experimental work of previous scientists. Religious belief systems, at least those based firmly on religious texts or an idea of an absolute truth are not open to change or growth. Those who challenge such religious belief systems may well be subject to sanctions.

And just so you Scientologists know … NOBODY CARES!

Check out the traction their Twitter posts get…

Over the past 48 hours, the Scientology Twitter feed has received a combined total of 21 retweets. Here’s one from April 13th in the afternoon with … ZERO retweets.

There is simply NO TRACTION for Scientology HQ. None. Even for the “Grand Poohbah” himself, COB David Miscavige gets no respect. 10 retweets. Ten.

Welcome to planet Earth…